Reflections on #Brexit

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Past several months I have spend reading and watching the news on the Brexit. My consciousness slowly started adopting the political change that I have never imagined before. The country that welcomed all and supported the brightest, now, pointing a finger on migrants, as they are responsible for the country’s problems.

But if you take a closer look at the British history, you will soon learn that migrants were the ones that helped to rebuild UK’s economy after WWII.

According to the  UK’s National Archive:

When the Second World War ended in 1945, it was quickly recognised that the reconstruction of the British economy required a large influx of immigrant labour. The Royal Commission on Population reported in 1949 that immigrants of ‘good stock’ would be welcomed ‘without reserve’, and potential newcomers from the Caribbean and elsewhere soon became aware of the pressing needs of the labour market in the UK.(

I think many of us not just have been ignoring politics for a while, but not taking a keen interest to understand the problems and the roots of them.

As in the aftermath of the Brexit, many voters claimed that they would change their vote and that they received misleading information during the referendum debate.

Brexit voters who say they now want to stay in the EU after referendum results:

Did Vote Leave mislead the UK?

Overall, I wish that society, not just in the UK, would take a greater interest in current politics as the decisions that they make will affect us all.

Read more reflections: (Published 11/10/2016)

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